12:00-4:00 private and semi private lessons Available For ages 7 and Up ( for 1 - 4 students)
5:00-6:30  " Love To dance Ballet" ages 12 & up
6:30-7:30  "Love to dance Contemporary" ages 12 & up

7:30-8:30  " love to dance Jazz" ages 12 & up


4:30-5:30  "Rising Stars" ages 5-7

5:30-6:30 "Dance Star sparkle ballet" ages 6-10

6:30-7:30 "Dance star sparkle contemporary" ages 6-10

7:30-8:30 "Love to dance Ballet" ages 12 & up


5:00-6:00 "Dance star sparkle Jazz" ages 6-10

6:00-7:00 "Dance star Sparkle and shimmer Hip Hop"ages 7-11

7:00-8:00 "Dance star shimmer jazz" ages 8-11


4:30-5:30 "dance star sparkle lyrical" ages 6-10

5:30-6:30 "dance star sparkle musical theater"ages 6-10

6:30-8:00 "love to dance ballet"ages 12-up 


4:30-5:00 "Happy feet"ages 2-3

5:00-6:00 "Welcome To Dance Land"ages 3-5

6:00-7:00 "Dance star sparkle tap"ages 6 - 10

7:00-8:00 "dance star shimmer tap"ages 8 -11


5:00-6:00 "creative dance adventures"  Ages 3-5

6:00-7:00 "dance star shimmer lyrical" Ages 8-11 


11:00-12:00 "dance star shimmer ballet" Ages 8 -11

12:00-1:00 "dance star shimmer contemporary" ages 8 -11
1:00-2:00 "dance star  Shimmer musical theater"Ages 8 -11


Schedule subject to change based on enrollment

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 Studio Box  Newington Dance Center
Passphrase   Dancewear 1  (Uppercase for the letter d, lowercase for all other letters)


​​CLASS SCHEDULE 2020 - 2021

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Call or Text  860.986.9847

234 Market Sq, Newington, CT 06111


​​​​​​​"Happy Feet"  Ages 2-3

Does your child enjoy music , singing and dancing? Then "Happy Feet" is the place for them! Each fun filled class includes singing songs, rhythm, creative movement and the basics of Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

" Creative Dance Adventures" Ages 3-5

Do you have a little one who has a wonderful imagination and loves fairies, unicorns, mermaids, space, animals and nature? If so, this is the perfect class for them! Each six week course has a different theme with scenery, props, crafts, creative dramatics, stories, creative movement and dance.

"Welcome To Dance Land" Ages 3-5

Looking for something a bit more conventional for your preschooler? This class offers Ballet each class then alternates every two months between, Jazz, Hip Hop , Tap , Improvisation and Contemporary to introduce your child to various dance styles.

"Rising Stars" Ages 5-7

Our "Rising Stars" class features Ballet every class and then alternates every two months between Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Improvisation and Contemporary. An excellent class to give your child a strong dance foundation through Ballet, while introducing them to various other dance styles to see what style or styles they gravitate to.

"Dance Star Sparkle" Ages 6-10

These classes are perfect for students who are beginners or have studied one year or less. Seven different styles to choose from. For your convenience, there are back to back classes at this level .

"Dance Star Shimmer" Ages 7-11

These classes are designed for students that have completed more than one year of training. As with the Sparkle level, there are seven different styles to choose from with back to back classes .

"Love To Dance"

All "Love To Dance " classes are for students 12 and up or special admittance for 11 years old and are for students who have trained for at least three years.

"Private and Semi Private Lessons"

From 1-4 students any level, any style, ages 6 and up. For those who prefer a smaller setting with family and friends.