General Policies

Dance Center Calendar

Correct Number of Classes
​Students registered for Ballet D are required to attend both classes
Students registered for Ballet E are required to attend three classes

If your child is ill, even with a cold, please keep them home to rest and heal. 

Missed Classes
In the event your child will be missing a class, please call or text the studio to let us know. Missed classes may always be made up.

Attire, Hair, Jewelry
Students are required to wear the proper dance attire for each class. Only dance sweaters are permitted over leotards. To assure visibility of proper placement for safety, no other shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn. Please note, underwear is not worn under leotards and tights. Tights take the place of underwear.
Hair must be up in a secure bun for all ballet classes. We will provide a link to explain how to make a bun if you need assistance. For all other classes, hair must be secured back in either a bun or a pony tail..
Only small post earrings are permitted. All other earrings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces and chokers are not permitted for safety reasons.

Observation of Classes
Observation of classes is held the first week of each month Beginning in October. Please note during class time any week , the bathroom is reserved for the use of students and staff only. Please note you may video tape or take a picture  only of your child. For the protection and privacy of all students, no other student may be video taped or photographed without explicit consent of the other students'  parent or guardian.

We communicate with our dance families via call or text. Please always respond in a separate text.In case of inclement weather we will notify you by an hour before class time.  We are available for calls or texts from  10:00 AM - 9:00 PM 7 days a week and we respond as quickly as possible.

If there is something you wish to discuss of importance please call or text and we will be happy to set up a meeting. To ensure privacy and to keep our schedule running smoothly, we cannot have discussions during classes or in between classes.

Classes start Sunday, September 8th

The Dance Center will be closed for:
  • Thanksgiving Break: Thursday, November 28th - Sunday, December 1st. Classes resume Monday, December 2nd
  • Holiday Break: Tuesday, December 24th - Wednesday, January 1st. Classes resume,Thursday, January 2nd


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